By Happi Thoughts Chocolate Helps Obtain Cheerful Outlooks Lasting As long as The Eating

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I thought it was Spring

By Happi Thoughts I thought it was spring, Yet its snowing outside. I thought it was spring; All my flowers just died. I thought it was spring So why is it cold? The weather in Ohio Is sure getting…

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Morning Breath

By Happi Thoughts It’s early in the morning; I’m laying in my bed. My dog comes up to me And puts his face right at my head. He wants me to reach over And give him a little pat. His eyes, so brown …

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Monster in the Night

By Happi Thoughts Ahhhh! I scream and sit up in my bed Something big and hairy just landed on my head. I try and get it off me, But it just won’t seem to leave. It’s got its razor talons Digging in…

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By Happi Thoughts Werewolves, swordfights, vampires, and witches Are all the things that make you twitches. Scary and creepy they hide in your dreams Where they pop out and make you scream. But rig…

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Our Good Earth

Dear God, The sky was beautiful tonight – The clouds bright Yellow and white. They made me marvel at your work. Thank you. Thank you For our good earth. ——————&#…

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The Skunk

By Happi Thoughts It’s late at night, I crawl around Looking for some food. I’m in a yard A dog comes near, And I’m not in the mood. I waddle further In the yard A dog comes near my face I turn aro…

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Prayer for Guidance

Dear God, I need your help. I need your guidance. There are so many options in this world, so many choices to make – And not just choices between right and wrong. Often times, the choices are betwe…

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That little spark called hope

Fear is paralyzing Like a python wrapped around your heart Squeezing tighter Trying to suffocate that little spark called hope. Fear is dark and hollow Like a cave Trying to swallow That little spa…

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Change of Plans

The world was only 6 days old When God created man. And yet he knew he’d have to Revise his master plan. For man made a big mistake That messed up the intended peace. And from the Garden of Eden Ma…

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