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What a story! Whale “taps” man on head with tail!

Whale taps man on head with tail.   Advertisements

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House Hunting – A Story for Your Enjoyment. Note: Character’s names have been changed.

House Hunting Not again. Please, not again. It was coming – of that I was sure. I was out with friends who were touring a prospective house. The house was not appealing to me. The pool was green; there was dust on all the fans, and dead bugs in the various rooms. On top of …

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Scary Movie

Taking my sisters to the movies is always a major event because of the vast difference in ages. Nevertheless, I took my three younger sisters to see the free family movie that the theater was playing. A few minutes into the movie, I realized that Journey to the Center of the Earth was too scary …

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Go Fish

I bought three goldfish to put in my turtle tank. They made the turtle tank very dirty, so I took them out and put them in a smaller fish tank on the dresser in my sisters’ room. The fish did fine in there for a while, but eventually two of them died. This left us …

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