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Life of a Balloon

I made this movie for my Language and Practice of Media Arts class. This is a project that I did for my Language and Practice of Media Arts Course. It is the first video we made and was merely an experimental video to get us used to our cameras and the editing software. Enjoy! Rachael …

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Life of a Balloon

I made this video for my Language and the Media class. We were supposed to make an experimental video just so we could get used to using our camera. This is what I did. —–   Also, I have been keeping all my photographs and projects on my portfolio website: 0200 Productions – My Portfolio …

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‘Twas Really the Night Before Christmas . . .

‘Twas Really the Night Before Christmas Christmas 2012 Rachael Pope ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house The children are laughing and running about. The stockings are thrown on the living room floor And someone is knocking at the front door. The children are jumping around on their beds. A bright green, …

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It’s Close to Halloween

It’s close to Halloween. I can tell because my sister’s nightmares are rising again. Just last night, Marian came down stairs and told me she had a terrible dream. “What was it about?” I asked. “We went trick-or-treating, and when we got home, everyone ate my candy!”

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Scary Movie

Taking my sisters to the movies is always a major event because of the vast difference in ages. Nevertheless, I took my three younger sisters to see the free family movie that the theater was playing. A few minutes into the movie, I realized that Journey to the Center of the Earth was too scary …

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God did no-no!

The story below is from when I was two years old. I wrote in the first person, but it is from my parents’ perspective. I hope you enjoy. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— “God did no-no!” Teaching young children to behave properly is difficult enough, but when God Himself undermines what you’ve been teaching your children, it becomes twice …

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