House Hunting – A Story for Your Enjoyment. Note: Character’s names have been changed.

House Hunting

Not again. Please, not again. It was coming – of that I was sure.

I was out with friends who were touring a prospective house. The house was not appealing to me. The pool was green; there was dust on all the fans, and dead bugs in the various rooms. On top of that, the paint in every room was a different color.

Couldn’t it wait just a little longer? Just ‘till we leave?

Too late, it came.

“Oh, that wasn’t too bad,” I thought to myself.

A few minutes later, I was hit by the full force of it. I coughed, “Great. It wasn’t ‘so bad’ it was ‘so horrible’!”

I looked around me. My friends were on the other side of the room. Subconsciously, I walked to the utility room, just a few steps from where I had been standing. I don’t want to be connected with that smell.

“Hey, Andy, let’s check out the utility room!” I heard my friend say.

Why the utility room?” I thought to myself.

I cautiously sniffed the air, making sure nothing of its presence could be detected. It was getting weaker, of that I was sure, but it had not disappeared altogether. I stepped a little bit closer to the utility room. My friend and her husband moved towards the utility room. Standing in the door frame, Jessica stuck her head in the utility room and peered around, “Do you smell that?” she asks.

“Smell what?” I ask.

“Something stinks?” she said.

My face turns red, “I don’t smell anything.”

Jessica peeked her head in further. “You smell that, Andy? Something stinks” she said with disgust.

Andy moves into the utility room, “Yeah, I kind of smell it,” he says.

If it’s possible to faint from embarrassment, I probably would have. I knew full well what the smell was and where it came from, but there was no way I was going to own up to this one.

Peering over Jessica’s head, I asked, “Do you think it’s coming from the sink?”


Note: they did not buy the house.


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