Go Fish

I bought three goldfish to put in my turtle tank. They made the turtle tank very dirty, so I took them out and put them in a smaller fish tank on the dresser in my sisters’ room. The fish did fine in there for a while, but eventually two of them died. This left us with one goldfish. We wanted to get rid of that one goldfish, but flushing it down the toilet did not seem right. So, we decided to let nature take its course, and we left it in the fish tank.

Some months later, my sisters walked into their room and noticed the fish was gone. We looked everywhere for it, but there was no sign of it anywhere. Finally, we gave up our search and assumed the cat ate the fish, and the dogs consumed the leftovers.

Several weeks later, my sisters were complaining about a smell in their room.

“It’s the bunny cage,” Catherine said.

“No, it’s your hamsters,” Marian said.

“No, it’s not, I cleaned my cage yesterday.”

“Well,” Marian replied, “I cleaned my bunny cage two days ago.”

Catherine and Marian decided they no longer wanted to share a room. My parents moved one of the beds out, and my mom began rearranging the furniture in the bedroom that now belonged to Marian. She was in the process of moving the dresser (that previously belonged to the fish tank) when she screamed. Thinking something was wrong, my sisters ran in the room to see what happened. Below is what my mother found – the fish, stuck to the wall.




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