Life has meaning? Part V

How do we use the wisdom of others?

            Many people, when faced with all the evil in the world, look to the wisdom of religious leaders and politicians. They believe that these leaders are infallible, and therefore, they do not challenge the leaders’ words. What most people forget is that wisdom is not set in stone; wisdom is knowing the facts and making an educated decision based on those facts. As the times and circumstances change, people need to refine what was once considered wise. They do not need to necessarily disregard the wisdom of the past, but they need to realize that what was once considered appropriate and wise may no longer be considered wise. Thus, with their newly gained knowledge, people must be open to making new discoveries and challenging the decisions of the past. Even the ancient philosophers never accepted the wisdom of their predecessors as final. Some philosophers disagreed with their predecessors completely and started conducting research from the beginning while others built upon their predecessor’s teachings. If one pauses to reflect, we have multiple teachings both in religion and in science because people have never stopped questioning the facts. As people search for the truth, they are presented with new ideas which they entertain and ponder. Today’s technology and medicine, for example, would not exist if the scientists of the past merely accepted the teachings and traditions of their predecessors. Instead, these scientists used the wisdom and teachings of the past as stepping stools to reach for greater achievements.

Is life worth living?

            How am I supposed to know? I am not finished yet!


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