Life has meaning? Part III

What does it mean to be human?

                                            There was a young man who injured his spinal cord in a motorcycle accident. In order for him to heal properly, he was immobilized and was required to stay in the hospital for several months. After a week of staring at the hospital ceiling, the young man became extremely depressed. His roommate, an eighty year old man named Bill, was concerned with this young man’s depression.  So, Bill offered to describe the scenery outside to provide the young man a distraction. Thus began their daily ritual; periodically throughout the day, old Bill would describe what was going on outside for the young man. One night, the young man woke up as nurses and doctors hurried in and out of the room; Bill had a stroke during the night and passed away. In the morning, the young man asked to be placed next to the window. The nurse was puzzled and explained that there was no window in the room. The young man insisted that there was, and informed her that Bill always told him stories about what was going on outside. The nurse smiled sadly, “Old Bill was blind.”

            It is moments like these that the meaning of humanity can be seen. I have heard it said that humans are innately selfish and have tendencies towards selfishness. True, it is a lot easier to think of yourself than to place your troubles behind and help someone else, but that is what makes humans so special – their ability to care for one another.


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